An Introduction

Heyyyy, first blog post! I’m sitting here next to my husband James and I just turned to him and said, *whiny voice* “Ugh how do I even start this?! This is the hardest parttttttt…” And it is! I’m trying to tell you who I am, but do I even know who I am and how to put it into words? And who are you? How are you? My name is Montana. It’s nice to meet you. I know I’m not really meeting you, but I’m a real person and you’re a real person, and you’re reading the words that I’m writing for you. Isn’t that crazy? You’re probably thinking, “no, you’re crazy.” I’m going to tell you a little bit about us so that you can get a feel for who is behind this blog. We love taking photographs; it’s our way of capturing the moments that make us who we are. So cheesy, right? But it’s true. We are constantly growing and changing, and through photographs, we can express little pieces of ourselves. So let’s get to it. 

Who we are:

I’ll start off with some basics to explain what we’re all about. We’re musicians; I sing and I’m a decent piano player and James went to university for music composition and recording arts. He played drums in a few post hardcore bands throughout high school and college and is now working on multiple projects, including instrumental tracks for the purpose of scoring films, a post hardcore album, and our project, Chromadream, which has an 80’s synth vibe. We’ve only done covers so far, but we are diligently working on our own material, which we plan to release soon! (I think we’ve been saying that for like three years *eye roll*, but life gets in the way – I’m sure you can relate. But no more, I say, no more!) I’m a graduate of the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program from eCornell and I’m also studying to become certified as a personal trainer. Music is where my heart is, but I’m also passionate about striving to lead a healthy lifestyle and I hope to help others to do the same. I love reading and, thanks to working for two years in a book store, I have a pretty big library if I may say so myself (more than half I haven’t even read, but I’m getting around to it).

We really love animals; I usually have my guard up when meeting new people, but put any kind of adorable animal in front of me and I get all mushy and start talking in a baby voice. The little slug that’s on the lettuce from the market? I think he’s cute, too. We’re vegan (for everything, but first and foremost, the animals). We love movies; we watch a lot of them, The Lord of the Rings being our obsession. Outside of LOTR, any genre will do, Horror being one of our favorites (we love making fun of the bad ones, too, which I think is about 90% of them, amiright?). We love video games; Kingdom Hearts, Soul Blade, Tomb Raider – I grew up on those, but then you get older and end up playing less and less because you acquire responsibilities and set goals for the future and you realize that when you start playing you can’t stop and you just sit in front of your tv for hours barely stopping to eat or drink and night time comes and you think wow I didn’t get anything done today and then you start to panic and realize that you have a problem so finally there comes a day where you say no to the video game and yes to writing that blog post. I’m an adult!

Where we're from // Where we've been:

James was born in Waco, Texas – yeehaw! He moved around Texas a lot as he was growing up and lived in Missouri for a year before going back to the homeland. He moved to Orlando, Florida for college before once again going back to good ol’ Texas. I was born in Springfield, Missouri and I grew up in Grand Cayman. I could go into a long explanation of why, when, and where my family and I moved throughout my life, but it would honestly take forever and I’d basically be telling you my life story, so to keep it short: I’ve lived all over Florida, Texas, Grand Cayman, and even Costa Rica for a few months when I was three years old. When we did end up staying in one location for a while, it was rare that we stayed in any house or apartment for more than a year. Why all the moving around? I honestly don’t know. It seemed like we were always looking for change, maybe for a new adventure. I think for both James and I, moving around is just in our blood at this point. I honestly wonder if we’ll ever find a place where we want to “settle down.” We like it that way for now :)

How we met:

Does anyone really want to hear about this? I won’t get too sentimental, I promise. We met on tumblr. Yeah that’s right, TUMBLR. Just picture it: two little scene kids. I had blue hair that I would straighten every single day and his favorite thing to wear was a band shirt with some skinny jeans. Ahhhh the good old days. It happened like this: I typed “lord of the rings” into the search bar (you underestimated our obsession didn’t you? Yeah, it goes way back). Someone had posted one of my favorite songs from the soundtrack. I clicked on the profile. It was a dude, a dude who had a beautiful blog and wrote his own music. My little teenage brain thought, “wow, this guy is so deep.” I messaged him and we started talking about music. His answers didn’t contain any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes and I thought, “this could go somewhere!” It turned out we were both living in Texas, only a couple of hours away from each other – cool, right? It all felt like fate. I told him I had an extra ticket to the midnight premier of The Hobbit (I didn’t, actually, but I sure as hell was going to get one if he was down to go with me). He said yes and that was our first date. The rest is history!

Why/How we went vegan:

I was considering going on a plant-based diet because I had heard it was healthier, so I started doing some research, which eventually led to me learning about veganism. I then got turned on to a YouTube video called “The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear” by Gary Yourofsky and I asked James to watch it with me. It was only about an hour long, but that hour shattered our world. We saw everything differently. Most importantly, we saw animals for who they truly were/are: living beings with emotions just like us who want and deserve to live free from suffering. I then began to learn about how animal agriculture negatively affects the environment, our health, and so many other things and I thought, “Why are there not more people talking about this?” Like most vegans will tell you, and as James would agree, going vegan is the best decision we have ever made. We’re vegan for life. 

Where we’re going:

I honestly have no idea what the future holds and I’m not really worried about it. We’re not people who like to plan too far ahead; we’re just going with the flow and finding joy in what life throws at us. I’m excited to see where we go and what we do and I’m especially happy to have this platform to share our experiences with others.

Did you actually read all of that? I like you. Since you know a little bit about me, I’d love to know more about you. The purpose of this blog post is to form a connection. Maybe you’re from Texas, maybe you like video games, maybe you couldn’t relate to a single thing that you just read, but hey, I’d still like to know! Tell me something about yourself in the comments below :)

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  1. Leigh says:

    You also write beautifully. Can’t wait to see what comes next. Will you cook that breadfruit curry when I come visit? Tell us more😃

    1. livinglapuravida says:

      Of course we’ll make it for you! You better visit soon :)

  2. April OGrady says:

    I loved your introduction and how you met James, you dawg! I also loved the Carara Park blog and pics! I want to visit soon! Love you both

    1. livinglapuravida says:

      Haha thank you! Hope to see you here soon, love you

  3. Yeh, I read your whole introduction – and so I guess I will introduce myself. Tonight I tried to read through the Facebook junk on the Roca Verde group page and saw where you invited us to your blog, thus in an above comment I subscribed and invited you to my blog about being retired in Costa Rica which I started more than 5 years ago.

    Yes – I’m old – old enough to be your grandfather at least (turn 80 next year). How I relate to you guys from what I read in your introduction: I too lived in Texas (3 times for a total of 7 years). I too married a Texas girl in 1970 and had two children then we divorced in ’90 and then “all my exes lived in Texas was why I hung my hat in Tennessee.” I worked for a publishing house in Nashville (not music). My sister lives in Grain Valley, MO (not terribly far from Springfield) and we were both born and raised in nearby Arkansas. James might like to know that my nephew (my sister’s son) Chris Darby got a PhD in Percussion Music from Illinois U. and can’t find a university teaching position so works for a computer firm!? :-)

    I retired in 2003 and moved here in 2014 because I was fed up with too much in the states to explain now – but absolutely love it here as a retiree living in a rental casita at 105 Roca Verde. I travel for about one week a month and blog about the trips and in between my life in Atenas, my garden, and the birds and butterflies I love to photograph. Pura vida!

    There’s a “get acquainted potluck” at 205 Roca Verde October 4, 4-6 PM. Hope to meet you both in person then. My blog has no “Introduction” as such but it is also a website with an “About” page and more important to me a “Gallery” of my photos.

    ¡Mucho Gusto!

    1. livinglapuravida says:

      Hi Charlie, thank you so much for your comment! We’ve just subscribed to your blog; beautiful photos :)
      Nice to know we have some things in common, thanks for sharing. We will surely see you at the get together :)

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