Hey There!

We are a married couple in our late twenties going on as many adventures as possible while trying to live la pura vida in Costa Rica. We love telling stories through photographs and our goal is to show all the amazing things Costa Rica has to offer (including other locations all over the world ((wow we’re really optimistic)) whenever we have the ability – we’re talkin’ “economic means” – to travel far and wide).

You can also expect to see some recipes, tidbits about our life here in Costa Rica (probably pics of our cats for the most part), but also our passion for veganism, creating music for our band, Chromadream, and anything else we end up getting inspired by.

This blog was started on May 1st of 2019, so thanks for checking us out while we’re still getting the hang of this thing.

– Montana & James



Blog Post Writer // Content Curator

25-year-old Lord of the Rings enthusiast who firmly believes she was a mermaid in a past life. Enjoys taking photos, reading, drinking tea, singing when no one can hear her, and the occasional nap. Likes cats and sad music. Loathes people who are rude, and ambiguous endings of movies.

From the Cayman Islands; currently residing in Costa Rica.


Photography Assistant // Blog Editor

27-year-old musician who’s obsessed with analog synths and spends too much time lurking on music gear that he doesn’t need. Enjoys watching movies (especially LOTR), listening to vinyl records, and writing music. Can’t stand untidiness and the little specks of dust that accumulate on eyeglasses.

From Texas; currently residing in Costa Rica.